Ugandan Arrested For Carrying Drugs in His Stomach at KIA

Officials of the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) have arrested a Ugandan for trafficking narcotics at the Kotoka International Airport.

The culprit Bwogo Federick, 53 years was picked-up by operatives of NACOB upon arrival on board Ethiopian Air flight ET 921 from Kampala-Uganda when he was going through arrival formalities at the Kotoka International Airport on April 25, 2018.

Speaking to the Public Relations Head of Communication at NACOBNana Osei Nkwantabisa on OYEREPA BREAKFAST SHOW with Nana Kwadwo Jantuah said comfirmed the arrest and says Bwogo is still under investigations.

“Bwogo was coming from this country to Ghana here and per our solid security strictures was arrested on arrival. When he was interrogated, his answers to our questions wasn’t convincing so we needed to do more checks on him”

“Test from his urine and saw that truly he contained some drugs in his body. We brought him to our office for observations and he confesses of having sixty-seven of such bad drugs.” Mr. Nkwantabisa said

He added that after investigations, the man says “a Pakistani in Kampala-Uganda gave the drugs to him with name unknown to one Ahmed also a Pakistani in Ghana.”

The Ugandan however, told prosecutors in court that he was rather sent by a Ugandan national in Kampala-Uganda to deliver the drugs to one Ahmed, also a Ugandan national in Ghana for a fee of One Thousand Five Hundred United States Dollars ($1,500) without knowing the name of the sender.

He added that the person who gave the narcotic drug to him is the same person who purchased his ticket for him to travel to Ghana, adding that receiver of the delivery (Ahmed) was to pay his share after delivering the drug to him in Ghana.

The suspect has been arraigned before court and has been remanded into prison’s custody pending final verdict of the case.

Mr. Nkwantabisa encouraged voluntarily providing information leading to the successful arrest of persons suspected to be indulging in nefarious activities especially in narcotics related acts.

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