“Go to Sakyiwaa and Apologise before we forgive you” -GJA Vice to Hajia Fati

Vice President of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), Linda Asante-Adjei, says Hajia Fati who recently assaulted a journalist should go strength and apologise in the face of the journalist rather than going round begging journalist in general.
She said if she listens to the recording well, Hajia was apologizing to all journalist meanwhile not all journalist were involve rather one particular journalist and She has to meet her and apologise.
Speaking on OYEREPA FM’s Breakfast Show with Nana Kwadwo Jantuah, Mrs. Asante-Adjei said “the latest attack on a multimedia journalist at a time when Ghana has been chosen to host World Press Freedom Day, does not speak well of our democracy.”
“Sakyiwaa was the one she hurt, we all are unhappy because the victim is our association member. The place the incident happened was not a press conference; it was on an individual assignment so Hajia has to face her and apologies.”
“After watching the video, I observed her apology was willingly, she was been coached by Sammy Awuku. We GJU aren’t in for banter, if Sakyiwaa accepts the apology, we have nothing again to say”
Linda Asante-Adjei went on to advice colleague journalist to learn to be extra careful, chose there life over the job else you will always be hurt first before apologise.

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