Agya Koo suffers from menopause – Frank Fiifi Gharbin

Ace movie producer, Frank Fiifi Gharbin says actor Alex Kofi Adu, popularly known as Agya Koo, may be suffering from what he described as “menopause”.

According to him, of all the Kumawood actors he has worked with, Agya Koo is the only one who finds it difficult to forgive anyone who offends him on set.

He even though actors such as Akrobeto, have similar characteristics, Akrobeto is quick to let go of issues that may bring about conflicts during production.

“We all have our bad sides but when Agya Koo has issues with you, he can’t easily forgive you. He can take you on for everyone to know something is wrong. He sometimes acts like a woman and it makes it difficult to talk to him. Akrobeto might disturb more than Agya Koo but he makes peace easily compared to him [Agya Koo],” he said in an interview with

Frank lauded other Kumawood actors such as Emelia Brobbey, Vivian Jill, Kyeiwaa, Lil Win, Bill Asamoah and Kwaku Manu among others who he says have contributed to the local movie industry positively.

Watch the interview in the featured video below.

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