KMA Starts Enforcement of Its Sanitation By-Laws

City authorities in Kumasi say they have begun strict enforcement of sanitation by-laws in an effort to eliminate indiscriminate littering of the streets.

Public Relations Manager for the Metropolitan, Mr. Godwin Okuma Nyame speaking on OYEREPA BREAKFAST SHOW says the era of verbal warning and caution of offenders is over but letters have been sent to store owners in and round Adum to keep their areas clean after work.

“Initially, it was just a caution. Now, it’s a kind of informal education, anybody who will be catch littering around will be made to face the law, you will be sent to court” he said.

“KMA have started with enforcement of our by-laws. We also involving all the sub metros to get copies of the by-laws especially on sanitation so we will work hand in hand to achieve a common goal” Mr. Okuma Nyame said.

KMA recently launched a litter-free environmental campaign. However, the negative attitude of residents is said to be hampering the fight against filth.


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